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I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience about living a healthy life naturally, raising self-reliant and happy kids, and tips to care for your overall wellbeing by managing stress, choosing a healthy lifestyle, and embracing life.

I am an expert in food safety, and also have experience working in a research laboratory and the education sector. 


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7 Benefits of eating fruit every day

Fruits are a natural source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. They refresh you with their freshness and nutrients. Eating fruit every day as part of a healthy and balanced diet has several health benefits as it contributes natural health-promoting elements. Eating a variety of fruits helps you obtain a

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Connecting With Your Preteens In 5 Ways

When a child reaches the preteen phase, a lot changes in the lives of the parents and the child. As you see the changes unfold in your child’s behavior at this phase of life, instead of getting anxious or upset, accepting the change and learning how to connect better with

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Do Not Sleepwalk Through Life

Are you stuck in a pattern of behavior, repeating the same over and over again without exploring new horizons? If yes, then you are sleepwalking through life without being present in the little moments of everyday life that come with new lessons, experiences, joys, realizations, and connections. Waking up to

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Molly Translantic
Molly Translantic Trans Fats in your Food
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This was so useful to read and is definitely an area I need to work on. I've made a lot of positive dietary changes over the last year but I am always looking to learn more about how I can improve this and feel the benefits of fueling my body with good, healthy food. Thanks for this!
The Wellbeing Blogger
The Wellbeing BloggerDoes Anger Control You?
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Great call. Sometimes people are so afraid of recognizing, dealing and assuming they experience anger. It is a human emotion. What we do is what matters most. Learning more about anger and its different expressions has been a huge game-changer for me. Thank you for your sharing.
Mthobisi Magagula
Mthobisi Magagula14 thoughts on “Personal Credibility Matters
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Interesting and thought provoking blog post Rancy. I enjoyed reading this article and in a way it does make you think about life and how you see yourself. Personal credibility is for everyone and I myself do believe I am reliable and I try to live by my values and stick to the good in a world that is bad and dangerous. Focusing on your goals is hard in today’s busy world due to social media, finances, doubt and fear. Fear holds a lot back but it is all about how passionate you are in whatever you do
Sweet Recovery
Sweet Recovery Trans Fats in your Food
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This is a valuable, educational post. I read an article some years ago about all the trans fat in processed food. I’d been using vegetable oil but switched to extra virgin olive oil. Over the years, we stopped buying baked goods, and boxed stuff like macaroni & cheese, and switched snacking to trail mixes. Last year, switched to a more Mediterranean diet. We are both retired so we have the time to make homemade bread, scones, and cakes.