Your perspective shapes your life!


Have you ever met a person who can interpret everything happening around perfectly? The perspective with which we look at the world and people around us has an influence on our life and daily experiences. Most often what we focus upon in our lives is based on what we expect from a situation or people. It is largely based on our viewpoint and contributes to the way we feel, think and act.

Learning, growing, and being positive can help us develop a better perspective in life and have a better approach toward any unexpected circumstances or responses from people in our life.

It is not necessary that the way our minds perceive certain situations in the world, is the only truth and they ought to unfold in the way we expect. There could be other reasons and possibilities which are beyond our viewpoint.

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Sometimes we don’t focus on the simple things in life, as we assume that it is not worth spending time on such simple matters, instead we focus only on the big picture and great outcomes that satisfy our expectations and make us feel good. Looking at things differently can help us realize that things aren’t as bad as they seem and could also allow us to open our minds to new perspectives and details.

Holding on to a particular perspective in life could block us from looking at the brighter side of any situation or person. It is easier many a time to argue that our viewpoint is absolutely correct and not give a thought to what the other person could be going through. In such circumstances, there is no room for thought in our minds to try and understand that there could be a different explanation for what is happening.

Our approach to life is influenced by our personal experiences, beliefs, dreams, opinions, and expectations. People differ in their perspectives, opinions, and decisions. It is a fact that our perspectives affect the people around us, which causes agreements, disagreements, arguments, or new friendships.

Sometimes a small shift in our perspective could make life less stressful and more meaningful. Life is not the same for all and accepting another person’s viewpoint before we judge or decide is very important in relationships.

When we feel like situations or responses that we come across are beyond our control, it is crucial to focus on what matters the most. No matter how hard we try, things still go wrong at times.

Instead of reacting based on what triggered us, widening our perspective can improve our attitude, help us learn life lessons from situations that we go through, grow and evolve into a better version of ourselves. Let us not let the difficult situations in life, destroy us. Choose a positive perspective and grow through your experiences in life.

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  1. cheriewhite

    Great post, Rancy! Indeed our perspectives, beliefs, and expectations shape our attitudes, which shape lives and determines our situations. Positive attitude is essential to a good life! 💯❤️

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you!
      That’s so true, our attitude impacts our daily lives, situations and relationships.
      Changing our perspective makes life meaningful.

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