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Taking time to consider what is important to you and your family, amid the distractions of life is very much essential for satisfaction and peace in life. When life brings choices to you oftentimes, making the right choice depends on how you set your priorities. When you’re sure of what you want in life and what holds the most important place in your life, you will be able to make your choices and decisions accordingly, without getting into confusion or frustration.

Priorities are not the same for all. Looking at how someone else chooses to live and making the same choices as them, could cause more harm than good in your life, as everybody has a different journey, different struggles, and different priorities. To be content in life, identify what makes you happy and what needs your attention. Not everything that you come across needs the same attention. Giving the same attention to everything in life will take away the time you could give to what actually matters to you.

People give you their advice and opinions based on their own experiences and perspectives. But your decision can’t be entirely based on someone else’s opinions. Though considering somebody’s advice could help you towards making your decision, your decisions in life should also be based on what difference these decisions could make in your life and how much it matters to you and your family. If your choices could affect your well-being or that of your family, be careful about what you choose, for your happiness is your responsibility too. Once you’ve made a choice, blaming someone else for what you decided is never going to solve your problems.

Taking up a lot of different tasks and responsibilities at a time, shifts your focus away from your priorities, which could gradually lead to dissatisfaction in life. Giving your time and energy to what actually matters is crucial to stay productive and focused in life. So, take time to reflect upon your choices, set your priorities right, and do not get distracted by what takes your attention away from your priorities.

Do you make choices in life that are based on your priorities or do you tend to follow the common trends you see in the world?

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  1. Manisha Reddy

    Interesting topic Rancy. I always set my priorities right it all depends upon me. I never go for any trends and I always believe my instinct.

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you!
      I’m glad that you found this post interesting.
      It’s good to know your priorities and avoid getting influenced by what’s trending.
      Nice to know that you believe your instinct.

      1. Manisha Reddy

        You are welcome Rancy. I really love believing my instincts and which makes me feel great 😊👍

  2. Nausheen

    Very informative and useful topic Rancy.keep going 👍🏼

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you Nausheen!!
      I’m glad that you found it informative and useful🙂

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