How To Apply Mindfulness In Life Everyday?


Do you sometimes feel lost, ruminating about the past, or worrying about things yet to unfold? Mindfulness helps you live in the present, being fully aware of the moment you are in, and being mindful of the choices and decisions you make in different aspects of life.

Being mindful in daily life helps you to be aware of your inner self, and express yourself, healthily, without damaging your inner self or your relationships. It keeps you from destructive behaviors and helps you develop positive ways of living such as resilience, and calmness.

To keep your mind from wandering often and live a purpose-filled life, it is necessary to have a clear and focused mind. Here are some simple ways to live mindfully and add meaning to life every day.

Daily practices for mindfulness

A mindful beginning

Is checking your phone the first thing you resort to in the morning?

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Starting your day with a prayer of gratitude and focusing on what you look forward to as you begin the day helps you have a mindful morning.

If you are usually rushing through the mornings and do not think about being aware of yourself and your surroundings. In that case, it is time to work on your morning routine and stay on track with mindfulness techniques such as a morning prayer, a healthy breakfast, a quick plan for the day, a simple exercise, a few moments of meditation, and a smile on your face.

If you are a busy parent, finding it difficult to handle the morning rush, here’s an article that could be helpful to figure out how to go about the morning routine: Handling morning rush as a busy parent.

How do you listen?

Do you listen to reply or to understand, empathize, and respond?

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Listening is not just hearing, but resonating with what you hear, responding without judging, and showing that you care. At times, we show an impulse to reply without mindfulness, by offering unsolicited advice, or judgment based on our personal experiences or perceptions.

For fruitful interactions and good bonding, it is necessary to develop listening skills that help you to know the person better, connect with people and learn to evolve and grow.

Mindful Eating

Do you prefer indulging in food you crave, binge eating, or choosing your food wisely, to nourish yourself?

food habits
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Take some time to sip your drink slowly, without being distracted by a screen or lost in your thoughts. Choose a comfortable place to have your meal and eat slowly, feeling the goodness of the food you have, avoid rushing through your meal time or eating mindlessly without focusing on what’s on your plate.

Be grateful for the food you have and enjoy it while you eat it. This will help you stay nourished and prevent unhealthy eating habits and their consequences.

Here are some tips to practice mindfulness with food: mindful eating helps you stay healthy.

Spend time in nature

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by taking a walk outdoors, with a curious mind, listening to the natural noise, feeling the breeze, experiencing the sheer joy of walking outdoors, relaxing on the grass, or watching the sunset.

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No indoor activities can bring the solace found in nature. Try meditating for a few moments or some simple activities outdoors, and feel the difference. This helps you practice mindfulness and improves your overall health, helping you refresh and destress.

To learn how nature soothes your mind and helps you feel focused and develop mindfulness, read this article: Nature soothes your soul.

Start with small steps towards mindfulness and as you get comfortable with it, move towards more mindful habits, to experience a fulfilling life.

How do you make mindfulness a part of your day? Do share in the comments.

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