Ignoring Mental Health?


What goes on in your mind influences what goes on in your life. Don’t you agree with this? When you’re not able to calm your mind, when you struggle with falling asleep, when every new day makes you feel hopeless when you have intense mood swings and you feel frustrated in life, do you keep it all to yourself and continue suffering alone or do you speak out and seek help, so that you regain your peace and have a healthy mind again?

It’s crucial to prioritize nurturing your mental health, as it impacts your physical health, eating habits, sleeping habits, behavior, and emotions. Ignoring it affects many other areas of life negatively and causes an imbalance in life that eventually affects your relationships, overall health, professional life, as well as social interactions. Denying mental health issues and struggling to overcome them by yourself, without seeking the right support can worsen the situation and keep you from living the happy life that you deserve.

Different circumstances in life such as stressful situations for a prolonged period of time, being faced with challenges over and over again, or health problems, can change your mental health condition over time. It is necessary that you don’t ignore making time for self-care and working on your overall well-being. Understand what triggers you and manage your mental health regularly. On experiencing severe distressing symptoms such as regular sleep deprivation, intense mood swings, or loss of interest in daily activities, seek professional help and you will definitely feel a positive change, a new ray of hope, and the improved mood that you need for a healthy and happy life.

There could be people who judge you upon hearing your state of mind, who don’t try to empathize but perceive you in a wrong light but do not forget in such times, that you have every right to live a life filled with joy and content, to overcome your condition with professional help and to start experiencing the real meaning of living a purpose filled life. Do not focus on the negativity in the world around you, but reflect upon your goals and your well-being, so that you are always on track with your health and stay focused in life.

How important do you think it is to spread awareness about caring for mental health? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. It’s very important to share our experiences and stories of mental health; it’s a great way to reduce and work towards ending stigma about it. We all have mental health we need to maintain, and some struggle more than others; I often find it very encouraging and comforting to read about other people’s experiences because it helps me speak for my own needs and take care of myself. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      You’re welcome!
      Thank you for explaining your view.
      Sharing experiences helps people get stronger and take courage.
      Working on ending the stigma about mental health is definitely important.

  2. Yaksh singh

    Just too good to read this! Amazing👍😍😍

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