4 Ways To Overcome Distractions and Stay Focused

A few examples of attractive distractions that are difficult to ignore or avoid are, an ice cream in front of you when you have started cutting off sugar; a TV show at the same time when you need to go for your daily walk, or an interesting discussion when it’s time to complete your pending task. But when you do have a choice, would you choose what’s best for your life or what gives you short-lived satisfaction?

Identifying distractions

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Distractions come in many forms, especially when you are very close to achieving your aim. Identifying them as distractions is the first step in not letting them influence your life. Being aware of yourself and sensing when something distracts you, helps you not to get carried away, but to stay firm and focused on your priorities. You doubt yourself, get confused, or question your abilities when you are caught in something that was meant to distract you. It takes away your confidence gradually and shifts your focus. Be alert and do not lose your precious time, engaging in anything futile.

If you get misled from the path that takes you towards your goals and gets indulged in something that keeps you from achieving your purpose in life or takes your focus away from your target, you have the responsibility to rethink and discipline yourself, to get your focus back on track and keep moving in the right direction. No one else will do it for you, for it is you who knows what you want from life and where you are heading.

Distractions could sometimes test your strength and make you vulnerable. Staying determined and calm will help you not to get carried away by the charm of what tries to take your attention away. Keep moving ahead in life and keep a watch on yourself with self-discipline and perseverance.

Tips to overcome distractions

Set your priorities right

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Take time to pause and decide what holds importance in your life and how to make time to give it the right amount of attention and focus. Prioritization helps you have balance in life, manage your time and resources well, choose what’s right for you and your family, know your purpose, and not let deceptive distractions bring stress to your life.

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Control your screentime


Endless scrolling through the screen is an addiction that’s not so easy to overcome unless you practice self-discipline and mindfulness. The distractions that come through smartphones are hard to overlook and they could get you glued to the screen without realizing the loss of valuable time, that could have been utilized in work towards what holds importance in your life.

If you’re trying to unplug and limit the time you spend online, here’s my blog post on digital detox that could help you: Tips for a digital detox

Eliminate bad habits


Grabbing a cup of coffee every time you feel low, smoking when you feel stressed out or binge eating when you get overwhelmed with worries are some habits that do not work in favor of your wellbeing. They rather work against your ability to focus and keep you from self-discipline as well as good health.

If you’re used to binge eating or overeating during stressful times, this article has tips that could help you overcome your habit: How to stop overeating?

Always have a plan

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If you want to get where you want to be, or have your purpose achieved, it is essential to set achievable goals regularly, that will help you focus on your purpose and work towards your goals without giving attention to distractions that are quite common in every day life.

Have a realistic plan that helps you track your progress and know where you are on your journey to success in your personal or professional life.

How do you work on achieving your goals when you find distractions around you? Do share in comments.

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