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The world around you, the circumstances that you go through, the people you meet, your role in your family, and your job give you an identity that need not be a complete definition of who or what you are. There is something about you, that is beyond what the world has seen, or people have realized. Your purpose becomes clearer to you when you become aware of your inner self, and realize what you are as a person.

Your ideas, values, intentions, abilities, interests, desires, beliefs, and motivation shape your inner self and are not the same as those of the people around you.To discover yourself, and uncover your identity, prioritize self-awareness, understand yourself better, hear your inner voice, know what moves you and what doesn’t, find the spark, and explore the world that’s within you.

Being engrossed in everything that keeps you busy in life, gradually takes your focus away from your own self. It is necessary to make time to reflect upon yourself so that you know what drives you and where you want to see yourself in the future. The perception of people about you might not define you completely. There could be more to what you are as an individual. To unleash your strength and realize your true worth, you need to connect with your inner self and feel the spark within that instigates your wholeness.

The noise in the world is so loud at times, that it silences your inner voice and takes away your motivation, ending up giving you an identity that’s different from your purpose. In such moments, do not blindly accept what is thrown at you, but take a break, to reconnect with yourself. Make time to listen to your inner voice, and regain your inner spark. Nurture your inner self and embrace life one more time with self-awareness and find yourself freed from the prison of negativity. The strength to overcome and move onward is within you. Unless you’ve realized this truth, nothing can help you be content in life.

Do you agree that you need to explore yourself and be your best version to experience life to the fullest?

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  1. I think it’s always good to nurture and care for our inner selves (something I think many of us, myself included, often forget or neglect to do because we aren’t used to doing this for ourselves). I don’t personally think you have to be your best version in order to experience life to the fullest because I think they both work in tandem. Sometimes the life experiences we have feed into being able to care for our inner selves and vice versa. This was really thought-provoking to read — thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you for sharing your view.
      Life experiences when taken positively teach us valuable lessons that help us in future experiences. But dwelling in the past does no good.
      As you’ve rightly mentioned, we tend to forget nurturing our inner selves as we drift though life, which doesn’t help us experience life to the fullest.

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