Outward Charm Or Inner Beauty?

If nurturing ourselves is vital for our overall well-being, should it be the outer look that needs to be solely taken care of, or should the nurturing of our inner being be given importance? When you have a healthy balance in life, you realize how simple and enjoyable life is, and when you lose the balance in any one aspect of life, you see it affecting the other areas as well. Is it not the same with appearance too? Giving complete attention to your outward looks and paying no attention to what you are from within doesn’t help you make an impact, no matter how good you look.

Many a time, people’s outer appearance doesn’t reflect their real selves. Your looks could be forgotten over time by someone whom you’ve not met over the years. But the impression you’ve left in someone’s heart remains forever and it doesn’t fade with age. A warm smile, a kind heart, a caring gesture, and a respectful attitude are some of the traits that radiate a person’s inner beauty, which has a profound impact on anyone at the receiving end and leaves a positive imprint on the memory of people.

That which comes from within us is more powerful than our outward appearance and it isn’t possible to hide our true self every time that we meet people. It is necessary to work on the values we reflect and the personality we portray, for you don’t always have a second chance to make a first impression. When your appearance as well as your attitude together make a positive impression, you become a beautiful human being, who can be looked up to and cherished.

Although our outward appearance and how we present ourselves matter, it’s our inner being or the personality traits that decide our social connections, relationships, and many other areas of our personal as well as professional life.

How do you think we can keep ourselves shining from within amid the cares and worries of daily life? Do share your opinion in the comments.

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  1. Taking care of our inner selves is often harder than our outer selves because it’s not always apparent or easy to identify what is going on or what we may need. We definitely have to work on both, sometimes at different times but it’s worth investing in. Great reminder to focus on our well-being.

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you!
      Yes, the inner being is worth investing in, and we surely must work on both, appearance as well as our inner selves.

  2. Elise

    I feel like i needed this today as i need to work on my inner-self, unsually bad. I’ve let evertything gt to me ;ate;y.

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      I hope you found this post helpful.
      As you intend to work on yourself, may you find courage and confidence to nurture your inner self. I’m sure you’ll realize your inner strength and beauty.

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