What lessons do you want your child to learn from your life?

The perception of life that your child develops depends a lot on your attitude toward life. Are you preparing your child for life with valuable life lessons or are you instilling negativity in the child, showing the negative and difficult side of everything that happens in life? In order to mold your child’s personality and help him/her lead a meaningful life, you have the responsibility of teaching and motivating your child as much as you can.

It is imperative that you practice the values that you want your child to learn. It is easier said than done when it comes to teaching our children through our way of living. Do we not show our frustration with our intense emotions and irritated mood while we ask them to have patience and calm down? Is it not difficult for us to forgive and appreciate others while we teach our kids to be kind, generous, and humble? More than what you say to your children, you teach them by the way you live your life. They easily absorb what they see us doing, rather than what we teach them.

When going through different situations and challenges in life, it takes great effort to practice positivity and mindfulness. Having a stressful day makes us easily irritable when we come across anything that could impact our state of mind. Such difficult moments could weaken us and make us vulnerable. Getting extremely emotional and frustrated in life makes situations worse and takes away the peace in our life and family.

If our kids have seen our intense emotions and quick negative reactions in our daily life, can we expect them to practice mindfulness and positivity? Will they not question our way of handling circumstances when we correct them? Family is a great blessing and being a role model to our children is essential to help our kids live with grit and embrace life with confidence and hope.

How do you think the life of parents can teach resilience and optimism to children? Do share your opinions/experiences in the comments.

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