5 Ways To Push Through Challenging Times

Hard times

Who doesn’t go through challenging times in life? Although I know that every person in the world has something or the other to worry about, I can’t stop myself at times from getting anxious when I encounter tough times. Do you relate to this feeling too?


I have seen quite a few people who are not shaken by challenges or obstacles. They navigate through such time gracefully and overcome the obstacles without fear. This attitude of people close to me, be it someone among my friends, family members, or colleagues, helped me learn a few key requirements that could help one navigate through tough times without getting frustrated or feeling hopeless.

Tip 1: Stay Positive When Life is Challenging

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Don’t get yourself exhausted with overthinking and getting overwhelmed with negative emotions. This will take your focus away from the decisions and actions you are required to take and make you desperate to keep thinking of your problems over and over again. Remember that your situation is not going to stay the same forever. If you start working on it, a positive outcome is not too far.

Make every experience in life, a learning point, that will help you grow. Ups and downs are a part of life and they are not going to break you unless you allow them to do so. Practice positivity every day by reading the scriptures, practicing positive self-talk, counting your blessings, and connecting with people who help you stay positive.

Tip 2: Don’t Avoid The Obstacle

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You don’t get stronger by giving up easily. Emerging stronger in challenging times becomes possible for those who stay focused and do not fall apart. Nobody would indeed love to hold onto the daunting obstacles in life. But, will avoiding them guarantee that you won’t have to face them anytime in the future? Instead of waiting for the problems to get bigger or worse, is it not better to fix them when you are well aware of the consequences of ignoring them?

When you’ve realized that there is a problem in your life, accepting it and taking responsibility to work on it is helpful and will keep you in the right direction toward dealing with the challenging situation. Avoiding the issue or procrastinating isn’t the right approach as it will make things worse and difficult to overcome.

Tip 3: Track Your Progress

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To ensure that you’re on track and to avoid getting carried away by emotions and distractions, make it a point to track your progress and know where you are heading so that you focus better on the results and not on the worries. With every step that you take, have your goal in mind and be clear about what you want to achieve through the process.

Know the reason behind your decisions, and be mindful of the choices that you make. Remind yourself every day about where you are heading and what you’re looking forward to. Take time to reflect on your decisions and actions so that you are always on track.

Tip 4: Make A List Of Your Options In Challenging Times

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In our daily routine, with predictable things, we don’t take time to decide something, as we know what the outcome would be. When it comes to unpredictable times, it is necessary to think twice before reaching a decision. Evaluating the options that we have in hand is an important factor that can influence our major decisions in challenging times.

Slow down and revisit your options. You need to weigh your options and understand what works and what doesn’t. This will give you an insight into the best way to choose at the moment.

Tips 5: Change Your Perspective

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Many a time, reframing your perspective or looking at the situation from a different angle could solve half of the problem or give you new ideas to handle the situation better. Life isn’t going to remain the same. There’s going to be an end to your hard times and your way of looking at life has an intense impact on how you lead your life.

Do challenges throw you off balance? If you learn how to navigate through hard times without frustration or losing hope, you will be able to overcome obstacles with a positive approach. Some people get anxious about everything in life and on the other hand some people are unfazed by challenges in life. It’s necessary to learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations in life so that you keep moving forward and not have regrets.

Do not forget to pray every day and leave your worries to the Lord before you go to sleep. Prayer is a powerful tool that can direct your life on the right path and keep you strong, every time a negative thought tries to deceive you.

What do you consider crucial to push through challenging times in life? Do share your comments.

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