Influence Of Parents On Child Behavior

Bringing up children with discipline, moral values, and teaching them important lessons about life is a desire of almost every parent. It is right to have such thoughts and instilling values in children brings joy to parents as we want to see our kids grow with the right attitude and values.

How do we try to cultivate values in children? Do we talk to them about what is right and what is not with stories and examples, expecting them to follow all that they hear from us? This could be a good way of preparing them to be disciplined in life. But more than anything they hear or understand, they follow what we do as parents. Yes! they often imitate us. Just like a sponge absorbs water, little children absorb our way of responding and reacting. Are they able to relate those lessons we teach them to our actions in daily life?

It is important that children learn good behavior in their early childhood, as this molds them into the kind of person they become eventually. It helps them to know what is right from wrong and behave responsibly in their adulthood later on in life. It also equips them to face and overcome challenges with confidence and the capacity to be able to make the right decisions even in difficult times.

Therefore, It is crucial that we reflect on our actions and the message they silently deliver to the children who observe everything we do, as we know the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’. What we want to cultivate in our children, should be reflected in our behavior and it will help them to relate our actions to what we teach them. Parents’ attitude strongly influences their child’s upbringing.

Let us focus on a positive lifestyle and a kind approach when dealing with children so that we don’t influence them negatively. It is good to have clear expectations from a child, but it is important that we help them understand these expectations with motivation, respect, and encouragement.

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