Does people’s opinion define you?

When you come across someone who has an opinion about you that’s false or is not entirely correct, do you get extremely upset or hurt? Do you at times get anxious about such incidents? It is important that you don’t let people crush your confidence or find an opportunity to see you become what they say you are. Your purpose in life doesn’t need to be explained to anyone. It’s vital that you stick to your goal and know in your heart that these judgments are distractions that could take away your peace, only if you allow them.

Staying on track through your life’s journey and knowing where you are heading will help you keep your calm despite the intentionally hurtful opinions and judgments. Though it’s not possible to suppress your feelings in those moments, staying strong is crucial for you to keep growing in life. Your inner peace should not depend on what people talk about you. Every moment you spend is a part of your life and a moment gone, will never return. So make the most of life and let not anyone’s false opinion make you feel inferior.

You know how you’ve begun your journey, the way it’s been, and where you’re heading. It isn’t necessary that someone’s opinion about you be the right opinion. The only lesson that is to be learned in such times is that you should never pass negative or incorrect opinions about people, as you’ve experienced how it feels when someone goes through it. Don’t let such negativity weaken you. Your strength can’t be taken away by statements made by people.

Live your life with value, purpose, and meaning. Lifting others up is a wonderful thing to do and it brings joy. This joy that you feel within will help you keep calm, keep growing and let others grow alongside you without trying to crush them. Nobody can take your blessings and achievements away. Focus on what you do and how you treat people, and ignore how negative people talk so that they don’t succeed in distracting you.

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  1. Paru

    This blog brings so much positivity. Thank you

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      You’re welcome!
      It’s nice to know that you like my blog.

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