Don’t throw the peel away!

Aren’t you amused by the topic? I have seen people especially the elderly, drying and preserving fruit peels. I was surprised to know that not only the fruits, but their peels too nourish our health. Nature is so full of goodness, we sometimes fail to notice it as we get too occupied with day-to-day tasks.

You must know the hidden powers in the peels of different fruits and vegetables, to make the right use of them. Have a look at the healing properties of the fruits and vegetable peels/skin listed here:

Pomegranate peel

image Natural goodness

Sun-dried pomegranate peel helps keep infections at bay due to its antioxidant content. It reduces the inflammation of the intestine and improves digestion. It also helps fight hair loss and dandruff.

Sweet lime peel

image 1 Natural goodness

It is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties. Sweet lime peel nourishes our skin cells. The zest of sweet lime can be incorporated into various food items.

Mango Peel

image 3 Natural goodness

The skin of mangoes contains powerful antioxidants and dietary fiber. It assists in digestive health, regular bowel movement, and also rejuvenates our skin.

Sapodilla/Sapota Peel

image 4 Natural goodness

The peel of sapodilla/sapota is rich in potassium, iron, and vitamins. It regulates the functioning of our digestive system. It contains antioxidants that boost our immune system.

Eggplant skin

image 5 Natural goodness

The skin of eggplants has powerful antioxidants that can prevent a range of diseases. It contains dietary fiber and vitamins too.

Cucumber peel

image 6 Natural goodness

Cucumber peel is rich in dietary fiber and helps in relieving constipation. It contains antioxidants that boost immunity and also promote skin health. It also has vitamin K which has a role in maintaining the health of our bones.

The peels of fruits and vegetables contain a significant amount of fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients. The peel of certain fruits such as pineapple, papaya, lychee, and avocado is hard and inedible. certain fruits such as apples may have their skin coated with wax, for which peeling is the right choice.

Many fruits and vegetables have edible skin that is nutritious, so it’s good to have them unpeeled whenever possible. Always wash them well before consuming them to get rid of pesticide and dirt residues.

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