Encouraging children to eat healthy-Why and How?

It is well known to everyone that the food little children love the most is usually not so nutritious as they are usually fond of sugar-loaded or fatty food that tastes delicious and makes them happy. When preparing food for kids at home, parents many times face challenges with the choice of healthy ingredients as kids prefer food that pleases their taste buds rather than nutritious snacks or meals.

It is right to have concerns about children’s eating habits as it contributes to their overall growth and development as well as their immune function. But it is not necessary to compare yourself with other parents and feel disappointed or frustrated about not being able to convince your child into eating the healthy food you expect them to eat. Children differ in their choices of food and all kids don’t love the same kind of food. It is important to stay positive with your efforts and keep encouraging your child with love and positivity. In the long run, you will be able to see a gradual improvement in your child’s eating habits as well as in your bonding with your child.

To know why and how to encourage children to choose healthy food with a positive attitude, watch this short video.

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  1. This is a challenge with a family of picky eaters but it is so important! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank You for sharing your thought.
      Yes, it is definitely not so easy, but parents need to keep going with their efforts.

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