Time-Saving Hacks For Busy Moms.

A mom with a never-ending to-do list feels overwhelmed and exhausted every day without any time for self-care. Feeling pulled in different directions all day long, and having no time for self-care can lead to stress, anxiety, and frustration. Have you been dreaming of having enough time for all the tasks you’ve got to finish as a busy mom, without getting drained of your energy by the end of the day? These time-saving hacks could help you get your tasks done without having to give up your ‘me’ time, which keeps you refreshed and happy so that you can in turn spread happiness to those around you and live a joyful life.

Planning Meals

Having a meal plan for the whole week ahead helps you make the right and healthy food choices. It saves the time you spend on worrying about what to make for dinner or breakfast and helps you know what needs to be purchased for the week as your meal plan is ready. It will keep you from buying what you won’t cook and can have enough storage space for what you need.

Meal prep twice a week

You can save your time by chopping veggies twice a week for meal prep and storing them refrigerated, rather than spending time every day peeling and chopping vegetables. Chopped veggies can be stored for up to 3 days, without any changes in flavor or texture. Similarly, you may parboil or steam veggies in advance, especially those that consume much time to cook. This helps you assemble your meal quickly and eliminates last-minute rush.

Have a schedule for social media

Limiting specific time for social media helps you manage your time effectively without losing your time by simply scrolling through your phone and not having enough time for important tasks, before wrapping up for the day. You may block unnecessary sites that distract you and keep you glued to your phone/device, taking away important time which could be used for other tasks.

Make a grocery list

Having a well-stocked pantry on your busy days is definitely a life-saver, provided you’ve planned your meals ahead. Having a grocery list based on your meal plan for the week helps you ensure that you don’t leave the grocery store forgetting something that you need or buying something that you won’t use. It surely saves you time as you are aware of what you need to buy.

Set up a bed-time routine

Having a fixed bedtime routine helps you wake up fresh in the morning, ready to embrace a new day with everything it holds for you. Keep things prepped for the next morning so that you can start your day with a calm mind, without having to rush. Know what you’ll wear the next day, what’s to be kept ready for breakfast, places to tidy up, and things to be packed and put back before going to bed.

As you plan your week, remember that you needn’t do it all alone, getting stressed and overwhelmed. Ask your kids and spouse for support, and share the responsibilities, that will eventually turn into routine habits which will help you save time, spend quality time with family and find some time for self-care in the long run.

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  1. Ummsobia

    This article is must read for all the mums great piece of advice
    Thank you Rancy

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank You for appreciating the post!
      I hope you found it helpful.

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