Healthy Snack List For Kids.

It’s a common thing in my house for my child to come home after playtime and ask for snacks, as she is tired and hungry. Offering a snack that’s not so appealing to her worsens her mood, but as we know, it won’t be correct to offer kids junk food after playtime every day, as they need nutrients and energy, and not just flavors and taste. Here are some snacks that are on my mind which are tasty as well as healthy, and are great for kids who look for visually appealing snacks.

1. Plain yogurt with added fresh-cut fruit
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2. Buttered or seasoned sweetcorn
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3. Mixed-cut fresh fruits
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4. Roasted potato
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5. Egg/Chicken/Veg/Paneer sandwich
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6. Homemade trail mix with mixed nuts, dry fruits, and whole-grain cereal
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7. Grilled Indian cottage cheese/Paneer
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8. Fruit smoothie
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9. Hard-boiled eggs
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10. Hummus with pita bread
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Ensure that the snack you give your child is filling and nutritious. You may pair up different snacks from the list if your child likes variety or if a single snack isn’t filling.

Do share your ideas for healthy and kid-friendly snacks in the comments.

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    Boiled eggs are nutritious as well as delicious. Good to know that you like boiled eggs.

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