Mother is a treasure

There cannot be just one thing to fondly remember about a mother. Every time you think of your mother, it’s a treasure of memories that you unwrap, beginning with mom’s food, her advice, her smile, her warmth and it goes on with unending fond memories. She is the world for her child. An irreplaceable treasure to the family, one with infinite patience towards her children. There isn’t one single word to describe all that a mother gives to the family. She is truly a treasure.

Here are a few inspiring qualities of mothers:

She loves you as you are, no matter what the world has to say about you.

She is always ready to listen to what you’ve got to say.

She never boasts about the sacrifices she made for you.

When you need her, she is right by your side, no matter how many times you have not been there for her.

She gives selflessly, without asking for anything in return.

She prioritizes your needs above anything else, even if it means not having enough for herself.

She has faith in your abilities, in spite of your mistakes and failures.

Her love is unconditional and can never be compared to anyone or anything else in life.

She teaches you to pray. You are always in her prayers and she helps you know God.

She tells you right from wrong, no matter how hard it becomes at times.

She is your first teacher. She taught you since you were a baby and you still have a lot to learn from her.

There is nothing that can describe a mom completely. Rather than looking for perfection in your mother, see the unconditional love and affection she gives and accept her as she is. Remind her that along with taking take care of her family, she needs to take care of herself too. This is one of the beautiful ways of being grateful to a mother.

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