When Children Tell Lies…

Parents teach their kids moral values since childhood and expect them to follow the right road from the beginning. They get anxious when their child lies to them and try finding ways to handle the situation and get the child not to lie in the future. Sadly, there is no manual to instruct you, about how to handle every child’s behavior and how to get children to follow what you teach. But, you mustn’t lose hope in your parenting journey and blame your parenting style when you see that your child has broken a rule.

If you see your child lying to you and isn’t admitting it, you may start losing your peace of mind. Getting frustrated or threatening the child is not going to solve your problem, and it could lead to more lying in the future. Trying to understand the reason behind the behavior and guiding the child will surely help you get your child to know your expectations and get back on the right path. Working on the problem, teaching, and understanding your child through the various stages of development, helps you form a bond of trust and helps your child feel comfortable to talk his/her heart out without the urge to hide the truth.

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These tips could be helpful if you find your child telling lies:

  • Lead by example by telling the truth. Children learn by observing the behavior of their parents.
  • Avoid calling your child a liar. Rather encourage telling the truth.
  • Teach your child the advantages of being an honest person.
  • Don’t overreact when you hear a lie. Calm down and respond in a gentle and firm tone.
  • Explain to your child why lying is not acceptable and the natural consequences of lying.
  • Teach responsibility rather than shaming the child.
  • Don’t ignore the mistake, but give children an opportunity to make it right.
  • Don’t label your child a ‘Liar’.
  • Create an environment at home, where children feel safe to tell the truth.

Although you find your child lying occasionally, it is necessary to help the child stop lying early in life, so that it doesn’t become habitual and cause trouble later on in life or erode the foundation of your child’s moral character. Labeling your child a ‘Liar’ could have lasting impacts and could get him/her to believe and act according to the label.

Why do you think children tell lies? Do share your opinion in the comments.

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