Why drink water?

Every cell in our body needs water to do its work. Our body must maintain a balance of its fluids, for normal functioning. Drinking enough water helps in maintaining the balance of body fluids. It’s imperative that our body gets enough water to carry out its important functions, as water has a major role in numerous processes and functions of our body.

Every day we lose water from our body during digestion, perspiration, elimination, and energy production. Replenishing the body with an adequate amount of water ensures that there is no imbalance happening. When there is insufficient intake of fluid, our body encounters an imbalance of fluids, as the volume of fluid lost is more than the volume taken in. This results in dehydration.

Dehydration has many consequences on our health and severe dehydration can have life-threatening consequences. It can be prevented by understanding the importance of drinking water and making it a habit to stay hydrated. Spreading this awareness can help us save lives as there are many people who ignore drinking enough water during busy hours.

There is more information on the functions of water in our body, symptoms of dehydration, and how to prevent dehydration, compiled in my slideshow “Water- an essential nutrient”. Shared below is a link to SlideShare , for more details on drinking water.

Water- an essential nutrient

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