Why do some of us have difficulty digesting milk and its products?

Do you feel bloating, nausea, or abdominal pain after drinking milk or having dairy products? There are many people who go through the same. Instead of worrying about this problem, it is good to understand why this happens and how can it be managed.

There is a natural sugar in milk called Lactose, which should be broken down by our digestive system into smaller units in order to be absorbed into our bloodstream. When we are unable to completely break down this sugar, the problem arises, where you feel abdominal pain or bloating.

What causes the inability to digest Lactose? How can we manage this problem? You will find answers to these questions with a detailed explanation in this short video by Rancy’s Insight. Do watch this video, to find answers to your questions related to the indigestion of milk and its products so that you stop worrying and learn how to manage this problem.

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