Are values a priority in modern families?

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The decisions we make in life, the directions we choose to follow, and the lifestyle we become a part of, are all influenced by the values we live by and believe in. Having a clear understanding of values plays a huge role in our behavior and the path we follow in life. Can living by what someone else believes in, help you know your purpose in life? The values that are instilled in us from our childhood, play a vital role in the way we look at the world, the way we treat people around us, and our perception of life.

No matter how modern your family is or how far you stay from your home it is important to remember that values are not an outdated thing. They guide you throughout your life and help you find meaning in life. They help you know right from wrong, strengthen your relationships, and build your personality. You may at times find it difficult to stick to them or practice them throughout life. You will also at times feel that there are many who don’t believe in such things and do not live by principles. In such moments, rather than giving up on the values you grew up with, have patience and know that it is these values that give meaning to your existence and you won’t regret any day for having lived a meaningful life.

Be the ray of hope, love, and grit in the world, and drive away the darkness that fills your mind with the wisdom that comes with living by values. You will learn every day from your life experiences. Ensure that you fill your mind with positive lessons and make those lessons a part of your life. This will help you grow better each day and keep you from giving up on your values and principles.

The world could change, your lifestyle and goals may change, but the values your family instilled in you will stay with you and show you the right path to follow as long you know their importance and believe in them. Some of the most important values that shape our lives and help us be good human beings are respect, patience, kindness, loyalty, honesty, integrity, and humility. At every stage of life, these values hold priority, no matter where in the world you live.

Do you agree that values are still a priority in modern families?

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  1. The Scribbling Dad

    The first sign of human species being a more evolved one was from evidence that showed a bone fracture in leg repaired ( the patient recovered). In animal kingdom if you fracture ur leg u r more or less dead as you cannot hunt or walk away from hunters.
    The fact that human bones can heal shows that there is someone to take care when human cannot look for food on own.
    These values of family are there since evolution and will always be there ( a little less or little more but will there)

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you for sharing your view on this topic.
      Yes, family values are a part of human life and remain in us.

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