Preserve Your Integrity

Have you come across people who make choices contrary to what they teach/preach or instruct? Don’t we meet people who take leadership as their right to unethical behavior? It definitely takes strength of character to live with integrity, regardless of your situation or position. It is in challenging situations that your integrity is put to test. Giving in to the pressure that comes your way ends up compromising your integrity. Choosing to do what is right, adhering to what you believe in, and not compromising your standards, keep you from guilt and help you be your authentic self.

Amid the myriad of tasks, worries, and cares of life, take time to examine your life, your commitment, and your focus every day. Rather than looking at what people do or judging others, it is imperative that we keep an eye on our own intentions and not give power to distractions that could lead us to lose credibility. Every time you look at the person in the mirror, guilt is not what should haunt you, causing you to look away, rather it should be self-awareness that helps you to look at yourself with confidence and dignity.

It is not how easily and quickly you reach your goals, it is about the choices you make, and the small steps you take, even when no one is watching you. Just because there are many people who follow the wrong direction, you shouldn’t convince yourself to follow the same. Even when you are sure that, nobody would accuse you or doubt you, ask yourself whether this one decision could change the way you look at yourself? Is it not necessary to be driven by your internal moral compass, rather than the number of people you please in life?

Do not let difficult situations, work pressure, social media influence, stress, power, or position let you shut down your inner voice. It is wise to strive every day towards becoming a better version of yourself and lead by example, despite the challenges and pressure you face. It’s the quality of your life and not the pleasures of the world that matters in the end.

Do you agree that it is better to live a life of integrity, instead of faking your character?

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