Be wise with your choice of words.

The words we use say a lot about who we are. It is good to reflect once in a while on the words that we use every day and the message they convey. Every time that you have some thoughts or feelings which you would like to express, make sure that you reflect on them and choose your words wisely as you express what’s on your mind. Think about the impact they could make and their consequences beforehand, rather than regretting later what you’ve already spoken.

Many problems in our life can be avoided by being wise in our choice of words. Being responsible and using the right words to express what’s on our minds helps us connect better with people and keeps away misunderstanding or confusion. On the other hand, being careless with words stirs up a lot of trouble in life as you could convey a wrong message which you didn’t intend to convey or give a wrong impression about yourself or others based on the kind of words you use.

When you use words of assurance, be sure to keep your words and not make empty promises. It impacts your reputation negatively and could give rise to mistrust. Anyone who relies on what you say could feel hurt when you don’t keep your word and your relationship might weaken. There are no perfect people and mistakes do happen. But accepting your mistakes and learning from them is vital to avoid repeating those mistakes.

Be it in thoughts, writing, or speaking, words have power. Choose them wisely, for you can bring about clarity and peace or confusion and destruction with your choice of words. Sometimes silence is better than saying anything that you don’t really mean or is unnecessary. Be true to your word and you’ll not have anything to fear. You are responsible for the words you use or you refrain from. You have a choice. Be careful and make the right choice so that you won’t regret it later.

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