Get Your Message Right Without Offending People


How you say what you’ve got to say can either help you connect with people or destroy the connection. The way you communicate has an impact on the tone of the environment that you are in. Communicating in a tone that triggers people to react out of fear/anger/hurt doesn’t bring a good outcome and doesn’t help you get your message through. Yes! the tone you use to say something does matter and it influences people’s perception about you.

To speak one’s mind effectively, one doesn’t need to be rude or insensitive to others. Instead of pushing people away with your way of expressing something, you can get people to listen to your message and connect with you by putting across your message not only firmly, but also respectfully. It’s not necessary to hold back your opinions and please people all the time. But when you let people know your point of view, be conscious of how you say it. Pushing your opinion on people has no positive influence, instead having a respectful and welcoming tone gets people to show interest in the conversation and respond positively.

Your ‘tone’ in communicating with others is a powerful element that can create and nurture relationships when used wisely or hurt and destroy relationships when used without focusing on how you say things. Your tone of voice could make you sound arrogant, humble, rude, kind, harsh, or gentle. It’s the way you speak more than what you actually say that makes a difference in the way people perceive your attitude. To get the other person to receive a message the way you intended, you need to craft your message in a way the person understands and not misunderstands. The way you say it can make things easier or disastrous.

Do you agree that being firm but not rude helps you get your message through without offending people?

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