What You Speak Has Power and Impact.

What you speak has the power to uplift, inspire, encourage, and motivate others. Conversely, it can also hurt, discourage, and demotivate. Do you have a difficult feeling while being around certain people? Do certain people make you feel relaxed and help you smile? Some people, even strangers can make you feel comfortable and some others, even those you have known for years can make you feel uneasy with what comes out of their mouths.

Many a time people find it easier to criticize than to compliment, tear down than to lift someone, insult than to be respectful, be hateful than to be loving, and complain than to appreciate. The impact of such words is so intense at times, that they could ruin someone’s career, relationships, dreams, health, and life.


What you say is a window to what’s in your heart, and it reveals your intentions, whether good or evil. You can be a cause of motivation or devastation in the lives of those who hear what you say. But, the power of what you say impacts your own life too. It can make or break relationships, bring you peace and health, or sleepless nights and sickness.

Consequences of what you speak

Contemplating upon the consequences of what you’ve already spoken can’t undo its impact and will only bring regret. Rather, being wise with your choice of words, reflecting upon your intentions, and speaking with the right words to let people know what’s on your mind, can help you avoid regrets or bitterness.

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Differing from each other in the way we perceive life, the way we feel, the way we think, feel or live can’t justify careless talk, as it impacts not only your own life, but also of those around you, making the atmosphere around you unfriendly and filled with negativity, that doesn’t attract anything good, but only bitterness and anxiety.

Impact on Relationships: Your words can affect your relationships with others. Positive and constructive communication can strengthen bonds, while negative or hurtful words can damage them.

Professional Repercussions: In a professional setting, what you say can impact your career. Effective communication skills are often highly valued, while inappropriate or unprofessional language can lead to disciplinary actions.

Emotional Impact: Words have the power to evoke strong emotions in others. Your speech can either uplift and inspire people or hurt and demoralize them. Being mindful of the emotional impact of your words is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships.

Shaping Reputation: What you say can shape how others perceive you. Consistently demonstrating integrity, honesty, and respect through your speech can enhance your reputation, while careless or deceitful communication can tarnish it.

Impacting self: The consequences of your speech can also affect you personally. Reflecting on the impact of your words can help you become more aware of how you communicate and make adjustments to align with your values and goals.

No matter how one feels, the approach used can either convey the right message and help the person or cause unrest and portray the person in a negative light. Speaking out of sarcasm, vengeance, envy, rage, hatred or pride can get you in trouble sooner or later rather than serving your purpose. It is wise to have control over what you say and avoid unwanted trouble.

Understanding the potential consequences of your speech and practicing effective communication skills can help you navigate various social, professional, and personal situations more successfully.

No matter how little or how much you speak, what you say matters more than how much you speak.

What do you think can help one speak without stirring up trouble? Do share your opinion in the comments.

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  1. Mthobisi Magagula

    Excellent blog post Rancy friend. Indeed, what you say has a lot of power and we need to choose the right words towards other people. There is a saying that says “Think before you act” because what you say can make or break a person. Hence, being respectful and kind as well as positive allows you to meet good people and live in peace without the bickering and hatred. Life is too short to hate and speak ill things💯👍

  2. Rancy D'Souza

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Yes, as you say, it’s necessary to think before we act, in order to have peace in life.

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