Childhood And Curiosity.

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Do you feel exhausted answering your little child’s unending questions? It’s quite natural for children to wonder about their surroundings and environment. They are eager to learn more and they look at everything with curiosity. As children grow, they inquire about everything new they encounter and explore anything that is not familiar. Their curiosity helps them to continually grow, learn and get creative. It helps them know more about the world around them and get familiar with daily life.

It is good to encourage a child’s curiosity with a positive approach. But due to our desire to get some free time, don’t we place our kids in front of screens and keep them busy with constant entertainment? Will such a lifestyle help kids develop curiosity? Will it contribute to developing imagination and creativity? Will a completely gadget-dependent lifestyle equip kids to become successful adults? It is necessary for parents to think in this direction and decide accordingly for the well-being of their children and support their growth by encouraging curiosity.

To nurture your child’s curiosity, here are a few tips you could try:

  • Take your child outdoors for a walk, and encourage him/her to explore something new.
  • Encourage children to observe the surroundings and pay attention to simple details such as colors, shapes, sounds, and movements.
  • Every time when there’s a challenge, don’t rush to solve it for them. Have patience and observe their decision-making process/pattern, before your guide them.
  • When you are doubtful of your answers, use cross-reference and avoid giving children wrong explanations.
  • Don’t give a complicated response or ignore their questions. Keep learning alive and make it fun.
  • Encourage reading books and ask them questions to know how they think or what’s their opinion.

How do you manage between your busy routine and engaging with your child to keep learning alive? Do share in the comments.

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  1. eunice

    This is interesting to me as an early grade teacher.

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you!
      I’m glad that you found the post interesting.

  2. Veena Hegde Bhat

    Interesting piece. We should try to spend quality time with children irrespective of age. For example during dinner we engage in conversation and strictly switch off the TV

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. It’s important to spend time with children.
      I’m glad that you found my post interesting.

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