Choosing healthy proteins

Proteins are an essential part of a healthy diet. Without proteins, our body cannot function properly and we could encounter several health problems. They are needed for the maintenance of every cell in our body and play key roles in several processes such as blood clotting, immune response, biochemical reactions, and many others.

To make proteins a part of your diet, you must know their natural and healthy sources. As there are several protein-rich foods and products available commercially, they can do more harm than good if you choose the wrong ones. Many such foods/products come along with unhealthy fats, harmful food additives, and large amounts of salt and sugar.

Watch this short video to know the details about the types of proteins, natural sources, and how to choose healthy proteins.

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  1. Charina Rasing

    Learned so much from this. Didn’t know how much protein can help our body be healthy. Going to keep this in mind.

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you!
      Proteins are an essential part of a healthy diet.

  2. Areil Always

    Thanks for sharing, I’m trying hard to eat more healthy.

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you!
      Choosing healthy sources of protein keeps us from the harmful effects of artificial additives.

  3. Vi Ho

    My youngest daughter is still a little picky with her diet, so I try to feed her nuts and seafood so she would get her daily intake of protein. Thankfully she is still willing to eat these things. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you!
      Introducing healthy protein in childhood is a great way to help children choose healthy food.

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