Dear Woman, Know Your Strength!!


When the world doesn’t seem kind, when you do not receive the respect you deserve, when you are not being treated appropriately, when you don’t like the way you are being looked at, when you are ridiculed or judged, when you are not appreciated or recognized, know that you need not blame yourself, but stay strong and do not quit. You are strong enough to take up challenges, you have the strength within you, to move forward, stand up for yourself, face your struggles, and overcome your fears. Unless you permit, nothing and no one can steal your confidence or belittle you.

Do you fear giving voice to your needs and concerns? Do you prefer staying silent when your mind screams that you do not like the way you are treated/looked at/or spoken to? Is this choice of yours to stay quiet helping you? If this silence is ruining your peace, forgive yourself for not opening up and bring about the change, to make your voice heard. If you do not speak up for yourself, no one else will. There is courage within you, for God has created you with enormous strength within. Find your inner strength to move forward in life and do not give up.

It’s time to unlock your tremendous potential, take a stand for your dignity and value, have those boundaries in place, learn from your mistakes, stop waiting, and start doing. Do not give power to your doubts, rather believe in your abilities. You could be one decision away from courage! do not quit easily, move past your fears and be courageous.

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  1. cheriewhite

    Very beautifully written! This really hit me in the heart because I was that disrespected and maltreated woman once upon a time. Thank you so much for posting, Rancy! 😍

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you Cherie!!
      I believe you have grown stronger with time and your struggles haven’t weighed you down.
      Every woman has strength within to overcome her fears and take a stand for her dignity.

  2. This was very encouraging to read and a lovely reminder to trust in ourselves and the value and power we have. Thanks for this!

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      You’re Welcome!
      I’m glad that this post is encouraging and helpful.

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