4 Important Tips For Food Hygiene During Monsoon Season

Monsoon is a season that brings relief from the scorching summer heat. But it is not a time to let your guard down or compromise on food hygiene. The excess moisture and dampness during this season bring in germs that can cause illness if you don’t maintain proper personal and food hygiene. Here are some basic tips to enjoy the monsoon without experiencing foodborne illness.

Cooking in excess
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During the rainy season, the shelf life of food is impacted by high moisture and humidity. Leftover food gets easily contaminated by fungi and bacteria that are very active during rainy days. Avoid cooking or storing food in excess, to avoid foodborne illness.

Keep food covered
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Keeping food that is to be consumed later, covered and refrigerated helps you avoid microbial contamination of food. Keeping food out for too long makes it soggy and unsafe to consume.

Wash fruits and veggies
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During monsoons, fruits and vegetables may have insects, dirt, and larvae on their surface. Wash them carefully and thoroughly before using them to avoid infections.

Keep your refrigerator clean
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Excessive condensation and moisture in your fridge can promote the growth of mold and bacteria. Deep clean your refrigerator and discard any expired or spoiled food. Store food to be refrigerated in airtight containers and maintain the fridge clean and dry.

Enjoy your food this monsoon and keep away from foodborne illness with these food safety tips.

What food do you enjoy the most in monsoons? do share your comments.

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