5 Eating Habits To Overcome

Eating habits

Many of us are careful about when and what we eat, but there are times when we break our routine and eating habits that do not meet our nutritional needs, but just satisfy our tastebuds. Once in a while, it could be okay to do so, but sometimes when we are not able to overcome such temptations, it becomes our habit to give up healthy eating habits and it might take a long time to get out of such habits and get back to our routine.

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Here are some eating habits, which are very easy to get into and difficult to overcome if you don’t keep a watch on yourself

Rushing in the morning and skipping breakfast

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Skipping a meal leads to a decrease in key nutrients, dip in energy levels as the day progresses, leading to a sudden spike in hunger level, ending up in overeating and weight gain. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it fuels your body as well as your brain, helping you keep going through the day.

Eating a healthy breakfast in the right portion size keeps you from overdoing lunch and dinner.

Replacing water with sweetened beverages

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Water intake is necessary for life, as it plays a key role in many of our body’s functions, including bringing nutrients to cells, getting rid of wastes, protecting joints and organs, and maintaining body temperature.

Sugary drinks are not required for good health, and consuming them often could lead to problems such as weight gain, obesity and tooth decay.

Getting up late as a result of sleeping late and not preparing your meals due to lack of time


Prepping your meals at night can save you time and keep you from resorting to ordering food or skipping meals. Work on your routine and set time for going to sleep as well as for waking up in the morning. This change in your lifestyle can make you healthier and happier with no skipped breakfast or last-minute unhealthy bites to avoid getting late to work.

Eating straight from a big package

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Instead of eating food straight from the package, portion it into a dish. This will keep you from overeating. Over time, overeating can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of developing health problems.

Ordering the meals on attractive offers is the same as buying more food than you need

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Ordering a lot of food may make you vulnerable to overeating. The portion is usually more than you can eat, especially if you are alone.

Remember to eat only as much as you need, based on your hunger and appetite. I’m sharing an older blogpost of mine that explains more about overeating: How to stop overeating?

As you improve your eating habits, your body as well as mind stay healthy and your risk of getting into health problems decreases. Providing your body with essential nutrients and avoiding food that is poor in nutrients helps you feel great every day and keeps your health on track.

Developing healthy eating habits is about maintaining the right balance of nutrients every day and avoiding frequent intake of empty calories. It’s not about being strict about food, but knowing what’s right for you and being consistent with your eating habits.

Don’t you agree that these habits are not healthy, but definitely not so easy to give up? There may be other unhealthy eating habits that you may be finding difficult to stop yourself from following, which are not listed here.

It is important that we take time to reflect on our eating habits often and save ourselves from getting into unhealthy eating habits so that we don’t have to regret them later and struggle to overcome them. Developing mindful eating habits is a great way to overcome unhealthy eating habits such as binge eating.

Here’s my blogpost to help you know more about mindful eating and it’s benefits

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