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If you are looking for ways to gain weight, it is important that you choose the right methods, instead of gaining unhealthy fat, which could later on lead to health problems. Although junk food can help you gain weight, it is not a safe option and has many side effects such as increasing your risk of heart disease, and diabetes. Choosing natural and healthy weight gain methods helps you gain healthy weight and live a healthy life without any negative side effects.

Choose nutrient dense food

Choose healthy fats such as oily fish, yoghurt, nuts, avocado and seeds.

Healthy protein rich food such as eggs, lean meat, beans, seafood, and soy.

Whole carbohydrates among which are whole grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables.

Homemade smoothies

Try nutritious and delicious protein smoothie recipes at home for a safe weight gain and avoid commercial one’s, as they may contain a lot of sugar, processed ingredients and less nutrients.

Eat Regularly

If you have a smaller appetite, eat smaller and frequent meals/ snacks throughout the day. This will help you have enough energy for your daily routine and to gain healthy weight without overeating.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping well contributes to muscle growth and good health. Be consistent with your sleep timing and ensure that you get quality sleep at night.

Avoid these habits

  • Drinking water right before your meal
  • Mindless eating
  • Eating food high in sugar, salt and saturated fat
  • Staying away from exercise and physical activity.

Maintaining healthy weight needs healthy lifestyle and nutritious food. Focus on a healthy, fit body and not only on gaining the weight you might have lost due to illness or any other reasons.

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