Kids and their moods

It’s not new for parents to see the different moods in children which are mostly unpredictable! A cranky child somehow overcomes the stress and starts smiling when you give a favorite toy and a happy child gets suddenly upset over parents not listening to their story. This is how they grow and we may feel that it’s normal and will get better with age. Did you know? We parents have a role to play in helping the little ones in their difficulty to manage situations or emotions that influence their moods.

Being a mother, I learn a lot as I see my child grow. The way her mood changes, the way she talks about her experiences, imaginations, and friends, made me realize that every child is unique. You can’t and shouldn’t compare your child with other kids. Each child has a different way of expressing emotions. Valuing their emotions and letting them express themselves helps us get closer to understanding how they feel.

As we focus on our health and wellbeing for a healthier life with a balance in different areas that have an impact on our life, it is important to know that focusing on the health and well-being of our kids is equally important and we can’t ignore spending time with them due to being busy all-time with endless tasks on our list. Getting attention from parents brings immense joy in a child’s little world and you can’t replace this happiness with anything else.

Responding to my child in different ways to help her with her changing mood, has helped me understand the emotions behind her behavior. Here are a few of my personal experiences:

  • When my child asks me ‘what are you doing?’ it most often means she needs to talk to me or spend time with me.
  • When she is irritated, it is possible that she is upset with something, but is not able to explain. Staying calm and giving her some time to calm down helps.
  • When she disturbs me inspite of knowing that I am busy, she needs my attention or has something to express.
  • Repeatedly saying I am bored, not interested in toys or watching her favourite show, indicates she wants to spend some time outdoors.
  • Not having the usual energy and not being able to concentrate is when I know she needs to go to sleep.

Hope this is useful in strengthening your efforts in figuring out how to understand your child’s mood. Do share your ways of handling similar situations in the comments, which could help us learn from each other.

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  1. Akshara+Ramachandran

    Much needed post for me now!! Thanks for penning it down!

      1. Parvati

        I liked the bit where you mentioned the immense joy they feel at our presence. Thank you. Wonderful article 👌

  2. Veena Hegde Bhat

    Rancy you are talking about small kids! My younger daughter is 20 but still so fussy eater!

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you for your comment.
      It must be challenging for you as a mother, but I am sure you are able to manage.

  3. vizanne

    My daughter is usually a calm kid, but when she gets extra cranky, I know something is up, and that is when I know I have to pay extra attention to her needs. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you Vizanne, for sharing your parenting experience.
      Identifying the reason for their changed mood helps us in responding to their emotions.

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