Let go of negativity. Don’t hold on to it.

Did you know that you always have a choice to either not absorb negativity or to embrace it and allow it to control your mind? Letting go and living in peace and looking at the brighter side of life is crucial to knowing your purpose and working towards your goal, rather than holding on to negative feelings and thoughts, which direct your mind towards darkness and depression.

Life is a blessing and there is so much to explore and learn on this journey. Every day is a new beginning, that comes with new hope and a dream. Prepare yourself every day to learn more, listen better and know what can take you closer to your goals. Strong faith and a positive attitude strengthen and nurture you to achieve your purpose and find your inner peace. Never let the darkness take away your inner strength and weaken your faith. For, it is your choice to stay strong and move on or to give in to doubts, worries, hurts, and triggers that intend to lower your strength.

When you hold on to negativity there are negative impacts on your well-being and your health. It makes you feel hopeless, creates stress, lowers your immunity, causes sleep problems, affects digestion, and causes damage to your mental and physical health. The more you let negativity stay in your mind, the more it controls your thoughts, words, and actions which leads to developing negative habits such as poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, overthinking, and ignoring your health.

Here’s how you can let go and live your life with peace and purpose:

  • Identify what the experience taught you and take it as a lesson.
  • Focus on the facts rather than the emotions.
  • Use the experience to learn and grow instead of blaming the situation.
  • Talk to someone you trust. Holding your feelings without sharing them can lead to anxiety.
  • Engage in hobbies that give you happiness.
  • Use the key of forgiveness to stop living in the chains of resentment.
  • Set healthy boundaries, as you can’t always control situations but you can choose how to respond.
  • Accept what happened, live in the present, and make better decisions for your future.
  • Don’t stay locked in the past. Take care of yourself and have a purpose for your future.

Remember that you are capable of letting go and finding your inner peace. All you need to do is, to make a choice to let go and accept life with all that it brings to you. Your mistakes don’t define you, they help you learn and grow, become your best self, and understand life better. Living with regrets is not your purpose in life. You are born to live a life that is a unique and beautiful journey, which can never be compared with anything else. It’s your choice to have faith and hope to accomplish your goals and feel the joy of living or to hold on to all the negative experiences and miss the peace you deserve.

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