Moderation, variety, and balance on your plate.

balanced diet

A mix of food from different groups such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains, legumes, and natural protein foods consumed in moderation provides a balance of nutrients that your body needs to function normally and to stay healthy. Eating food that is dense in nutrients which our body needs to obtain from food and can not produce on its own, helps us nourish our bodies and enjoy good health. The essential nutrients which must be obtained from food are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Having a variety of natural sources of nutrients on your plate in moderate amounts helps you maintain a balance and keep yourself fit and healthy.


When consumed in the right portion size, healthy food benefits us. But an overabundance of a particular nutrient without the right balance could lead to harm. An example of the same is when you consume large portions of calcium-rich food regularly, you obtain excess calcium from your diet that will interfere with the absorption of iron, zinc, and magnesium which are equally important for your health. Eating in moderation helps you avoid excessive consumption.


A varied diet with natural food that is rich in nutrients helps you ensure that you don’t miss out on essential nutrients and reduces the risk of malnutrition. A monotonous diet isn’t a safe choice as it deprives you of certain nutrients when you don’t include certain food groups in your diet for longer periods. Eating food from different food groups helps you obtain the essential nutrients required for a healthy body and mind.


Meeting your body’s nutritional needs is possible when you eat a balanced diet. In order to eat a balanced diet, it is necessary to include food from essential nutrient sources. It helps you maintain a healthy body weight, strengthens your immunity, and helps your body function well. The major food groups to include in a balanced diet are fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy(milk, cheese, yogurt, or alternatives), and natural protein sources(poultry, tofu, fish, eggs, nuts).

There are a variety of foods to choose from in the world, and every day we come across trending diets, energy foods, quick and easy snacks, and so on. It is important to remember that healthy and nutritious food in the right amount is essential for our health and opting for anything that gives you instant energy but is poor in nutrients will not contribute to your health in the long run. Nourish yourself with a variety of nutritious food, in the right amount to maintain a balance and enjoy good health.

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