The Healing Power Of Acceptance

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Do you believe that emotional pain needs healing or do you dwell on the memories of pain that revive your past wounds, causing you pain time and again without healing? The memories of your past hurt or pains become a barrier that doesn’t let you live the life you want to live. You certainly can not erase your past pains to experience healing. But you can free yourself from this pain and heal if you make up your mind to move forward and learn the power of acceptance.

As said by Michael J. Fox, “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.” You must be aware of the fact that several things in life are not under our control. Despite knowing this truth, we choose to fight reality and end up suffering emotionally, which in turn affects our physical health.

Have you spent sleepless nights in painful or bitter moments, dwelling on the hurtful memories, which you are not willing to move past? I’ve learned over time and through my experiences that, denial or avoidance of the truth and regretting about the past brings you suffering and anxiety, holding back your healing, without letting you move past those mental afflictions. It’s not merely time, but acceptance that certainly helps you heal, move forward, and grow.

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Acceptance Brings Healing

If you do not accept that a problem exists, instead of working on it and moving past it, you will be living with it all through life! When you find a person, situation, or any fact of your life unacceptable to you, there is a disturbance in your mind, leading you to constantly ponder over something or someone you’re not willing to accept in your life. Ultimately, you end up with emotional pain. To get out of this internal war and find peace in life, do not deny or reject the truth, but practice accepting the reality about people/situations/facts and learn the helpful options available to live your life despite these disturbances.

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To make space for better relationships, live with a healthier mindset, grow through your experiences, embrace life as it unfolds, and be present in every moment without giving in to fear, it is essential that you give up suffering over something that you can not control. A shift in mood with the memory of pain from past experiences is quite natural and only by effort combined with practice and a zest for life helps you choose peace over chaos.

Acceptance is not the same as surrender. It doesn’t mean tolerating abuse or injustice. It is releasing the pain of hurt feelings and shifting your perspective to a more hopeful lens without giving up your self-respect. We may not be living a picture-perfect life, but even when we don’t understand what’s come our way, holding on to our faith and choosing healing over fighting what we can’t let go of helps us keep moving and not get into a battle within the self.

Acceptance shifts your perspective and allows you to look at any problem in different dimensions, rather than looking at people or situations as either right or wrong. It saves you from getting into mental afflictions and lets you broaden your perspectives, helping you grow and evolve. Focus on healing and recovering from your hurts, make the most of everything in life, and do not let unacceptance ruin your peace and take your joy away. The lessons from your past can help you live a peaceful future only if you accept the lessons you learned and allow your pain to heal.

Do you agree that living in resentment causes suffering and doesn’t bring about healing? Do share your opinion in the comments.

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