What Helps When You’re Feeling Stuck In Life?

feeling stuck

Although we keep moving in life, there are times when you have a stagnant feeling, where nothing seems to be changing, which gives a sense of feeling stuck in life. Have you ever experienced this, at any point where nothing would work or evolve? At such times, it is essential to figure out what needs to be done to shake things up, and not continue to stagnate along the journey.

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Life is what you make out of it and growing along the way with new experiences and lessons that you learn with every struggle that you encounter helps you evolve and keep navigating. But, as you keep pushing yourself through the obstacles on the path, there comes a time, when you hit a plateau! No matter how hard you push, you remain stuck, and you start slowing down, reaching nowhere close to your goals. I intend to remind you with this article, that it’s not the time to give up! Don’t let the obstacles block your growth permanently.

Stretch past your comfort zone

Comfort zone
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Sticking to your routine is a good thing. Have you analyzed whether your routine needs a change or improvement? A constant routine throughout life with nothing to add or remove could bring a stagnant feeling along the way. It’s alright to take on challenges at times, they could change your perception and help you grow in the right direction, which keeps you from hitting the plateau.

Certain risks are worth taking, rather than being lost in uncertainty. Get out of your comfort zone, expand your boundaries, and open yourself to new experiences that you won’t regret in life.

Learn from your failures

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When you meet with failure, accept it with humility, pause, and reflect so that you learn from it, valuable lessons which could get you closer to success. This attitude toward failure could help you change the direction of your thoughts or plans and do better in the future. Take a moment to sit and reflect upon what went off track, use it as an opportunity to learn new lessons, and develop a growth mindset, staying positive and confident in the face of obstacles.

Look at the bigger picture in life

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You reap in the future, the fruit of what you sow today. Focus on the end results you really want in your future and take a moment to think, how is the time that you’re investing in something today, going to yield the results you are looking forward to?

At times, doing the same activities, be it at work or home, seems mundane. Knowing your purpose and having an idea of how these daily things will help you achieve your goal someday, will make your daily life joyful and positive. Certain decisions may not be easy to make, but thinking them through and knowing the difference they could make, helps you accept what needs to be done and realize the importance of what you have taken for granted at times.

Who do you confide in when feeling stuck?

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Do you confide in people who say what you want to hear or in people who help you grow, offering a new perspective? Instead of hearing that ‘it’s all gravy’ if someone gives you constructive criticism, that helps you evolve, grow, learn, and embrace challenges with confidence, you’ve found the right mentor.

Confiding in the right people empowers you to explore various options that give you access to untapped opportunities and believe in your abilities to achieve the heights you desire. I’ve encountered such mentorship that helped me find myself and explore my abilities, and I’m sure that you’ve found such people too at a certain point in life. Although it is your own decisions and choices that matter on your journey, fostering these healthy relationships helps you get some clarity in life and not stagnate.

What keeps you motivated in life, when you feel you’re hitting a plateau or feeling stuck?

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