The Value Of Respect In Relationships.


When you don’t agree with your children, spouse, or friends; when you come across a difference of opinion, do you get easily frustrated or do you stay open to discussion despite the difference? Some relationships get difficult or even fail when there is a lack of respect for each other. Be it the feelings, views, or opinions of the other person, it is important that you show respect even when you disagree. You can’t accept everything that people say, but disagreeing disrespectfully makes things worse.

Keeping a bond between two people strong at all times takes effort. When you don’t forget to respect a person for who he/she is, the doors to a healthy relationship open and it becomes possible for the relationship to grow stronger each day. Taking time to listen and expressing your disagreements gracefully helps you to express yourself without making the other person uncomfortable or upset. It is crucial to allow people to express their emotions, interests, and thoughts, to show them that you understand and communicate well before coming to a conclusion.

Mutual respect is a foundation for healthy relationships. Practicing positive behavior such as appreciation and gratitude, being open to communication, and apologizing when you must, nurtures your relationship. It is natural that people differ in their interests, passions, and qualities. Hiding your true self could harm your bond with each other. Instead, share your concerns and be honest in your communication.

It is essential to be respectful in your words and actions. Handle conflict without belittling or insulting the other person. Putting up with bad behavior and living in resentment will weaken and break your bond. It is vital that you speak up when you are not respected. No two people are alike, respecting each other and not taking each other for granted is very important for a relationship to grow.

Do you agree that respect has a profound impact on relationships?

How do you ensure that a person feels respected and not taken for granted?

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  1. Veena Hegde Bhat

    Accept the opposite person as they are. Don’t try to change them

  2. Rancy D'Souza

    It’s good to accept the person and respect the relationship.
    Thank you!

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