Does The World Revolve Around You?

Have you come across people who consider the needs and feelings of others as less significant than their own? Being completely engrossed in your own interests and selfish concerns makes you insensitive to the needs of others. Self-centeredness leads you to show no concern for others and to consider your feelings and experiences as the only things that matter. Such an attitude keeps you from doing any good to others without selfish motives. Being good to others doesn’t reduce the importance of your needs or feelings, but makes you truly human.

There are many people who suffer due to the inconsiderate and rude behavior of others. We do find individuals who behave as if the world revolves around them and they deserve all honor in the world. Does this attitude bring them inner satisfaction or conceal their hard-heartedness? It’s never justifiable to take pleasure in someone’s misfortune. Discourteousness affects relationships, communication, and the well-being of others negatively.

Being courteous is crucial to make others feel valued and to be respected by others. In waiting lines, on public transport, or at events and get-togethers, it is necessary to be mindful of your behavior and be considerate of others. Being courteous speaks volumes about us. It costs nothing to treat others the way you want to be treated and surely pays off well in the long run.

It is not good to let your actions be influenced by the negativity you see in the world. Being polite, appreciating others, and knowing when to apologize creates a pleasant environment around you. It is necessary to notice how is your attitude affecting the feelings of people around you. Reflecting on your attitude often and improving it helps you have better relationships and makes you a pleasant person to be around.

How do you think can the attitude of people affect the lives of others? Do share in the comments.

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    You’re right, thank you for sharing your thought.

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