The Way You Want To Be Treated.


If you were asked how would you like to be treated by others, what would you say? Do you agree that in reply there will be a list of your likes/dislikes/preferences and choices? Do you use a similar guide when you treat others around you? If we reflect upon our lives, there could have been times when we’ve treated others the way we didn’t prefer to be treated. There are moments when we don’t pay attention to our own behavior that directly has an impact on people from whom we expect a lot of respect and love.

If we have acted in ways that contradicted our own values, it’s time to reflect on our actions and remember to always act with integrity. It is not to get something in return that we ought to behave well with others, but treating people with dignity helps you to grow and see the goodness in others. It is important that you are genuine in your actions and you don’t do something to flatter someone. For when your intentions are not good, people feel it, though they don’t often express it. It definitely has a negative impact on your relationships that gradually weaken over time.

It isn’t possible or necessary to control how people think or act. Letting people’s voices be heard, valuing their contribution to your life, letting them have their space, standing up for a cause, showing true respect rather than saying something vague, and not taking anyone’s kind service for granted are a few ways to treat others with dignity and value. Treating yourself and others with respect costs you nothing, but makes the world a better place, builds trust in relationships, and helps you grow through every step of your journey without losing the bond that you share with people around you.

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