4 Interesting Tips To Spend Time With Your Child During Holidays

Winter break is around the corner and it’s time to plan your holidays so that you’re prepared beforehand to spend this winter break with your family and make it enjoyable for your kids. Are you feeling overwhelmed during this much-needed break at the end of the year, thinking of the gatherings, shopping for gifts and decor, travel plans, and party plans?

Although it’s going to be a busy time, do not forget to create memories with your family and take a break to relax and unwind. Keeping in mind that, kids have had a busy year too, with all their school activities, and learning, this is the best period to create memorable moments and spend some quality time with them. Amid the hustle and bustle of life, take a few moments every day during the holidays to connect with your kids with these tips and enjoy the season.

Choose Local Attractions

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Plan a family adventure in and around the place you live. In UAE, we have some beautiful places especially in this season to visit. Here is a list of a few of such attractions:

  1. Hatta is a must-visit place in winter with its lush surroundings, picturesque view, cooler temperatures, adventurous activities, and unique lodging alternatives.
  2. Dubai Safari Park has an incredible variety of wildlife. It is divided into four different villages, giving you different experiences as you get into this outdoor space.
  3. The mountainous peninsula of Musandam with clear waters, dolphins, and dhow trips, is great for adventure.

If you are looking for some tips that could help you enjoy your travel with kids and not lose your cool, visit this article- Traveling with kids

Get Crafty with Your Child

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This holiday season, try handmaking decor, cards, and gifts with your kids. This will inspire kids to get creative and help you keep them occupied. Here are a few DIY homemade craft ideas:

  1. Paper snowflakes
  2. Advent calendar
  3. Embellished stocking
  4. Pen pots
  5. Dreamcatchers

Start simple craft projects with your kids and explore your creativity. Try some easy and quick kids’ craft projects that do not need any special tools or resources.

Down the memory lane

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Put together some videos and pictures of your memorable moments from the past years. Make a single video to relive the memories and reminisce about the magical little moments that you cherish.

Making memories with kids helps you develop a parental bond and gives your kids a beautiful childhood to look back upon when they’ve all grown up and gotten busy in life. Family vacations, family traditions, or mealtimes enjoyed together, are great memories that will stay with you and the kids.

Spend Time Playing board games or indoor games together

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As kids crave to spend time with parents, playing with kids helps you connect better with them and make them feel loved and appreciated. Try engaging with your kid and having mutual interaction rather than controlling the conversation as you play together.

Take time to listen to what your little one has to say, and avoid distractions when your kids speak. Take a break from technology at times and connect with your kids. This strengthens your relationship and helps you understand them better.

Spending quality time with kids is important for the well-being of your little ones as well as you. Make it a priority to connect with your kids during this winter break, as the time you spend together can have a lasting impact on them.

Do share in the comments, your plans for memorable moments with family during the holidays.

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