Does Anger Control You??

Anger is an emotion and not a problem when expressed in a constructive manner. There are no people who don’t ever feel angry. It is a natural emotion, which when expressed in uncontrollable ways, causes a lot of damage that can be avoided if you know how to handle your anger positively. Shutting down, complaining, insulting, giving silent treatment, seeking revenge, or manipulating people out of anger can never help you get your problems solved, but could cause more trouble.

Do not let anger control your opinions, judgments, or decisions. Do not let your relationships be damaged by impulsive reactions. It’s not necessary to always express your anger negatively. While it is definitely necessary to express your emotions rather than hiding or ignoring them, taking time and allowing your mind to calm down helps you think productively and positively, without ignoring your emotion but expressing it in a better way.

Do you give anger the power to impact your inner peace, health, career, and relationships? Do you fume at once, when something doesn’t happen the way you expected? The way you deal with anger could have a positive outcome in your life or ruin a lot in your life, as it all depends on how you’ve expressed what you felt. Using your anger wisely helps you stay productive and keeps you from compromising your ability to control your impulse and think clearly.

It is not wise to always mute your feelings for pleasing people. Channeling your anger in better ways and not doing something that you will regret later, helps you to stay in control and not allow anger to control you.

Do you agree that it is necessary for your well-being, to avoid being controlled by an angry outburst?

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  1. reshma castelino

    very good article Rancy, surely anger should not control us

    1. Rancy D'Souza

      Thank you!
      Yes, uncontrolled anger does a lot of harm.

  2. The Wellbeing Blogger

    Great call. Sometimes people are so afraid of recognising, dealing and assuming they experience anger. It is a human emotion. What we do is what matters most. Learning more about anger and its different expressions has been a huge game-changer for me. Thank you for sharing!

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