Nature Nourishes 🥗

Natural food nourishes our health and in turn, our life. Such food is nutritious and unprocessed. The type of food that we eat plays a prominent role in maintaining our bodily health. To keep our family healthy, it is good to have nutrient-rich food at every meal and snack. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and consuming less processed food helps us follow a nutrient-rich diet.

As we’ve all heard that “small changes matter”, in order to make the small change in our diet, it is crucial for us to make ourselves aware of the nutrients on our plate. This knowledge can guide us to wisely choose the right type of food. Consuming nutrient-rich food nurtures our bodies and keeps us strong in the long run.

Here’s introducing you to nature’s treasure which will benefit you, to gain knowledge on how nutritious fruits and vegetables are, along with some simple and delicious plant-based recipes. This will also help you to choose nutrient-dense food.

Given below is the Slideshare link for my presentation on ‘Nature’s Treasure’: Nature's treasure from Rancy D'Souza

Please open the Slideshare link given above, in a new tab, to view the slideshow.

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